"Inside Edition" Crew Robbed While Reporting On Robberies In San Francisco


An Inside Edition crew was the victim of a robbery while they were reporting on the high number of smash-and-grab robberies happening in San Francisco. The crew's plan was to bait potential robbers and then confront them while they had the stolen items. 

The crew placed GPS trackers inside of a $250 speaker and a Michael Kors purse, which they left in a car parked in an area known for robberies. They also installed hidden cameras throughout the car so they could capture the suspects in the act of stealing the items.

Not long after they left the car, a pair of burglars broke into it. An unidentified man smashed the window and grabbed the purse, tossing it to a woman nearby. He then grabbed the speaker before running off. A few minutes later, the Inside Edition crew tracked down the criminals and confronted them at a bus stop.

“Hey you guys, what's going on? I'm Lisa Guerrero with Inside Edition," she said. “You've got my speaker right there. You just broke into my car.” 

“What?” the guy said.

“We've got it on camera,” she told him. 

The man then said he was going to call his mother, but put the speaker down and left. The robbers tossed the purse into a nearby trashcan. 

The crew then went to speak with a local resident whose surveillance camera captured the man breaking into their car. While they were interviewing the man, another group of thieves broke into their truck and made off with thousands of dollars worth of equipment. 

Police are looking into the equipment theft, but are unlikely to track down the culprits. In 2017, there 31,000 reports of car break-ins in San Francisco, but only two percent of the crimes were solved. 


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